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Richard Wright
Software Engineer

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My name is Richard Wright. I am a passionate software engineer, who loves to solve complex problems with elegant, efficient solutions. I have experience, as a user, of systems throughout my career in the banking industry, and I feel this gives me an insight into what makes a program work well for the user. I am determined, goal orientated and confident I can make a difference with the technical, problem solving and programming skills I have learned and continue to learn.


HTML | CSS | Command Line | Javascript | jQuery | Express.js | SQL | MongoDB | Ruby on Rails | NodeJS | React | Git | Github | AJAX | Python | Django


I completed the Software Engineering Immersive course through General Assembly. This course was intense and covered a vast array of technologies, tools and languages used today in both front-end and back-end developement. Through this course, I also gained experience with Git, working on group projects and managing my time while working remotely.

On top of my time with GA, I have used other resources to learn new skills including SoloLearn, CS50 and codewars. There is so much out there to learn and explore and I'm excited to keep driving my developement forward.


Higher/Lower App

Cards Click Image to visit live site

Higher or lower card game built with the use of a card API through an AJAX request, using HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript.

My Recipes App

Recipes Click Image to visit live site

Community recipe app using Javascript, MongoDB, Mongoose, Express and EJS.

Cheers App

Beers Click Image to visit live site

Community Beer app using React, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, Javascript and Flexbox. Group project using Github and Trello to manage workflow.

Pedal Board App

Artist Click Image to visit live site

Community Pedal Board app built using React, Bootstrap, Flexbox, Javascript, postgresQL, Python, and Django. Many to many relationship between models.

Rain Dogs Society

Homepage Click Image to visit live site

Homepage site created for a small business in Glasgow. Links to booking app and social media pages. Built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, flexbox and javaScript.


Contact Me

Mob: (353) 85 863 3280